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rasatura termica per muri vecchi e nuovi


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A good product is such when it is composed of natural raw materials that are not harmful to man and the environment and when it excludes petroleum derivatives.
On the market there are many products wrongly defined as "natural" just because they contain "also" water or because they are based on oils, almost always derived from oil.

The producers who have chosen to produce natural paints have voluntarily adopted a "food" labeling where the consumer can consult the list of component substances: the Solas and Durga brands distributed by us for more than twenty years strictly follow this criterion .


Solas in Gaelic means light, white, candor: the first product created was not by chance a white wall paint with a marked brightness, a velvety hand and high yield and durability. Since then, Solas products have multiplied to meet all the needs of the wood, construction and DIY industries.


Solas has been engaged for 25 years in the production of natural paints, composed of vegetable and mineral raw materials and completely free of petroleum derivatives, acrylic and vinyl resins. All Solas formulations do not contain toxic substances, not even in the quantities permitted by law.
Today Solas offers a complete catalog of products for painting, treatment and maintenance, and is able to meet all the needs of treatment and maintenance of the house.

Solas and Durga products present the TOTAL declaration of raw materials in order of concentration on the label and in the technical data sheet, although there is no legal obligation in the world for the paint sector.

Solas products are:

1- High yield, extreme resistance and long life both indoors and outdoors.

2- Natural because they are made only with vegetable and mineral raw materials (free of petrochemical derivatives). Solas products

3- BIOCOMPATIBLE because they reintegrate into the biological-vital cycle of nature from which they come, that is, they always return to being vital humus through the normal processes of decomposition.

4- HEALTHY because it is free from toxic substances and dangerous metals weighs

5- Beautiful aesthetically with very current colors.

6- COMPETITIVE for the excellent quality-price ratio.


Years of research are needed to produce a truly natural paint, especially when this product has to match and surpass similar products produced by the petrochemical industry.
Durga has studied and produced completely natural cobalt-free driers, and laboratory research has allowed us to produce natural driers based on Manganese and Zinc, completely free of cobalt and other heavy metals as well as mineral spirits and petrochemical components.

The production and use of the new dryers has a technically improved choice compared to cobalt and zirconium which are drying agents particularly suitable for use with synthetic resins but not with the use of linseed oil.
Components of Durga natural siccatives are: metallic resin (Mn or Zn) of pine resin (ManganeseAbetate and ZincAbetate) dissolved in linseed oil and pure gemstone turpentine.

Durga has also been involved in the treatment of water used in the formulations of natural paints and varnishes, discovering how well purified water eliminates the need for preservatives such as hypochlorite, formaldehyde or ammonia.
To offer a further guarantee, Durga has adopted the sanitation of the containers with self-produced silver electrochemically and stabilized with plant extracts of local medicinal plants (thyme, oregano, horsetail).

Silver in very low concentrations together with zinc salts incorporated in the protective film of exterior wood coatings allows to reduce the risk of formation of blue molds in outdoor environments rich in vegetation and humidity which pose a threat to wood.

Other natural components are the boron salts used to protect the structural timber from fungal degradation and xylophagous insects (Canadian solution), with these further innovations Durga has also improved the aesthetic aspect of the wood finishes without having to use dangerous biocides, for the man and the environment, often characterized by limited protection over time.


A healthy and breathable paint helps to improve the quality of the internal air we breathe, if the paint is natural it will be pleasant to the touch and sight, especially if the quality of the colors is also good: obtained with natural colored earth or non-coloring oxides environmentally friendly toxic to humans and the environment.

We invite you to rediscover the pleasure of personally adding natural colors in white paint, the nuances and effects will surprise you for the new shades you will get, for the play of light and the exclusive reflections that natural colors will give you.


To purchase wall paint, colored earths, varnishes and natural colors: fill the cart and send the form, in a few days the products will be delivered to your home without problems.

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