artimestieri cooperativa sociale solo bioedilizia Stools, lamps and design cork tables

Stools, lamps and design cork tables

Stools, lamps and design cork tables
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Is incredible how from a simple cork, previously destined to the unsorted bin, lamps, stools and design tables take shape with an innovative style for the originality and rigor of the lines. The cork grain, obtained from the recycling of used corks and mixed with rubber latex, is the raw material with which all furnishing objects are made. The pieces of furniture, for the purity and simplicity of the lines, decorate your home, bar or wine shop and any other space that wants to be welcoming and comfortable.

A bit of history...

The Artimestieri social cooperative, born more than 30 years ago: it is a reality that has always been involved in green building. Since the year 2000, the cooperative has promoted the collection of cork stoppers and has created the first products: granular for blowing in the walls, thermal cork and lime plaster and other products for the rehabilitation and efficiency of homes. Artimestieri was the first recycler authorized to treat cork waste at national level and is now able to manage the collection and production cycle of hundreds of quintals of corks per year.

The meeting with Amorim Cork, the birth of the idea and the realization of the project

Decisive was the meeting of Artimestieri with Amorim Cork Italia (branch of Amorim Cork Portuguese, the world's largest producer of cork products). Amorim Cork Italia's idea of ​​creating a line of furniture items in recycled cork. And here, thanks to the creativity of designers Manuel Cason and Jari Franceschetto, the project becomes reality. A true “circular economy” experience where cork lives again in beautiful and functional objects. But this initiative, in addition to being of high environmental value, also represents a model of social economy for the many Italian NGOs that collaborate in the widespread collection of corks, receiving in exchange an important economic support for their activities. To the Artimestieri social cooperative, the cork stopper recycling business offers a concrete possibility of development in a growing activity, not dangerous and in step with the times.

Cork furniture and furnishing accessories

The cork stopper, from waste, is then transformed into a precious material. The cork is carefully selected, ground and screened in the dimensions suitable for the different uses. Once the suitable grain has been obtained, the real production cycle of tables, chairs, stools and designer lamps begins, handcrafted by the same designers who designed the objects. They are therefore unique pieces, handcrafted and decorated by hand. It is clear that delivery times cannot be immediate considering the craftsmanship, but the wait will undoubtedly be compensated by the availability of a real “unicum”. We invite you to browse the catalog and choose from the surprising furnishing items: cork chairs, tables and lamps that will make your home unique and welcoming.

The cork stools

sgabello in sughero mod. acino sgabelli in sughero circus seduta a forma di tappo di sughero sgabello a forma di tappo di spumante
sgabello mod. Acino sgabello mod. Circus sgabello mod. Wine sgabello mod.Sparcork

The cork tables

tavoli in sughero design tavolo in sughero tavoli di sughero di design tavoli in sughero riciclato
tavolo mod.Boom40 tavolo mod. Corbula tavolo mod. Moro tavolo mod. Taula

Suspension or wall lamps

lampada in sughero a sospensione lampada di sughero plafoniera lampada di sughero riciclato lampada in sughero a sospensione
lampada mod. Capri lampada mod. Lam lampada mod. Costarica lampada mod. Costarica

Furnishing accessories

appendiabiti in sughero riciclato portaombrelli in sughero riciclato secchiello in sughero secchiello portaghiaccio in sughero
appendiabiti mod. Point portaombrelli mod. Ombre secchiello mod.Glace secchiello mod. Frappe

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