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Roof insulation

Thermal insulation cork panels

Anti-drip breathable sheath Roll 75sqm

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For the protection of insulating packages on the wooden roof, waterproof but breathable function
Thermal insulation cork panels

Sheath under-vapor barrier barrier - 75mq roll

For insulating packages protection on the wooden roof, floors and foundations:the sheath has a dustproof function and regulates/stops the humidity avoiding an excessive passage that could compromise the panel's insulating power.
NATURAL CORK panels all Thickness for thermal and acoustic insulation
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Thermal insulation cork panels

Cork panels Bioart - thickness from 2 to 20 cm

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roof and ceiling insulation natural cork thermal insulation system for inner/outer walls outer cavity walls insulation insulation of foundations
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Cork panels and sheaths for thermal insulation of the wooden or masonry roof.

  1. the yellow vapor barrier under-insulation sheath on the wooden roof
  2. on the brick and cement roof, use the salmon-red vapor barrier insulating sheath

after having laid the yellow or red under-insulation sheath, lay two or more layers of cork, taking care to cross the joint lines well and cover with the green non-drip and breathable sheath.

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