artimestieri cooperativa sociale solo bioedilizia isolamento con pannelli e granulare

With cork panels and granulated cork


Attic insulation with cork and granular panels as a sealant.

The cork panels are arranged in double or triple layers, at the same time the fine granular seals any cracks against the perimeter walls and between the panels themselves.


This solution has important advantages:

-The laying of the panels is easier than the laying of a mixture.

-The use of fine granular cork saves time and effort in cutting the panels which, if used alone, would require a lot of precision.

-The granular can also be used loose without binders since the walkability is guaranteed by the panels.


The photo shows an insulation with a triple layer of 5 cm panel (other 6/8 / 10cm thicknesses can also be used);

the fine granulate used to seal cracks and irregular parts, and finally the sodium silicate which can be mixed with the fine granulate for a more solid and binding seal between the panels.

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