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hardwood flooring for nail down installation

QUADROTTO - Solid wood mosaic composition
wooden floors italian parquet

QUADROTTO - Solid wood mosaic composition

SOLID WOOD MOSAIC COMPOSITION The element size is 44x44 cm with a thickness of 1.5 cm .The Quadrotto flooring is available in four local wood species: Oak , Walnut, Cherry and Chestnut . The wooden floor Quadrotto is suitable for laying nailed , glued and floating .
Parquet wood floor Plank chestnut Floor maxi-extra wide massive planks
CHESTNUT PARQUET/EXTRA LARGE SIZE 3.5 cm thick SOLID WALNUT LOCALPrice refers to a special type of solid plank 1mq chestnut honey we produce exceptionally large parquet flooring in natural chestnut Massif is a wooden floor always very stable, but choosing a secular home, Chestnut hills cuneesi, you get exceptional width planks.Dimensions: Width up to 60...
Magatelli in castagno
wooden floors italian parquet

Frame in dovetail chestnut for cork screed or lightened

Chestnut system in Chestnut easily leveled, suitable for the realization of foundations for the nailing of solid planks.Double-frame Chestnut-frame in Chestnut can be positively combined with Bioart-Thermal cork screed, other lightened screeds or common concrete substrates
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