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Heat Plaster in Lime and Hemp - KIT...
Termointonaco in calce e canapa Kit per 0.21 mc di intonaco
Termointonaco in calce e canapa Kit per 0.21 mc di intonaco
Termointonaco in calce e canapa Kit per 0.21 mc di intonaco
Termointonaco in calce e canapa Kit per 0.21 mc di intonaco
Termointonaco in calce e canapa Kit per 0.21 mc di intonaco
Termointonaco in calce e canapa Kit per 0.21 mc di intonaco
Termointonaco in calce e canapa Kit per 0.21 mc di intonaco
Termointonaco in calce e canapa Kit per 0.21 mc di intonaco
Termointonaco in calce e canapa Kit per 0.21 mc di intonaco
Termointonaco in calce e canapa Kit per 0.21 mc di intonaco
Termointonaco in calce e canapa Kit per 0.21 mc di intonaco
Termointonaco in calce e canapa Kit per 0.21 mc di intonaco

Heat Plaster in Lime and Hemp - KIT for 0.21 cubic metres


Calce Canapa heat plaster for interior/exterior use based on lime and hemp. Kit of 0.2 cubic metres of easy-to-use, pre-dosed natural plaster. For use in green building, thermal insulation and bio-architecture


Heat Plaster in Lime and Hemp - KIT for 0.21 cubic metres

Lime and hemp plaster for green building, in kit of 0.21 cubic metres. The first lime and hemp heat plaster on the Italian market. The kit is enough to make a 4 cm layer on 5 square metres.

Ideal for interiors and exteriors, it is a natural thermo-acoustic insulation ideal for bio-architecture, restoration and all applications where green building is also serving the comfort and beauty of the environment.

Used for thermal insulation, it makes it possible to benefit from tax deductions.

Calce Canapa Termointonaco is an eco-friendly plaster, whose strength derives from the specific qualities of the lime and hemp compound.  It improves the quality of the environment in terms of thermal insulation, sound absorption and humidity regulation and considerably increases the thermal lag. The resulting environment is thus healthier and more comfortable to live in.

Completely natural and recyclable, it is a high-performance product, a pioneer in sustainable green building. It guarantees exceptional performance in renovations and refurbishments. It can be used up to 15 cm thick both indoors and outdoors. It is resistant to rodent and insect attack.

Calce Canapa plaster is light, flexible, breathable, suitable for any substrate (brick, wood, cement, straw) and creates a high level of natural comfort. Its insulating properties are complemented by its ease of application and aesthetic qualities.

This type of sound absorbing plaster can be used to insulate rooms from external noise while maintaining transpirability. Unlike synthetic acoustic insulators, Calce Canapa plaster has an open structure, whose acoustic wave absorption performance reaches 90% between 500 and 2000 Hz, with almost total elimination of unwanted resonances, while allowing moisture to pass through to the outside.



It is good for the environment, leaving a cleaner world for future generations. Hemp absorbs carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere as it grows: one tonne of dry hemp captures approximately 325 kg of CO2. With this Hemp Lime Plaster kit, around 22 kg of CO2 is trapped, making it a carbon negative product, actively counteracting the greenhouse effect.

But above all, it pays off for residents who live in environments that respect green building criteria.

It pays in terms of health: there is a significant improvement in the quality of life and health for those who live in environments built in green building: optimum humidity rate, optimum temperature in all seasons, zero indoor pollution from chemical exhalations.

Economically advantageous: the cost of a thermal coating is paid back in a short time thanks to the great savings on heating and air conditioning, especially given the considerable increases in energy costs in recent years.

The initial economic investment also has an interesting return in terms of market attractiveness. Eco-sustainable homes, according to the World Green Building Council, are more attractive to a buyer who wants a home with a high energy standard.

On top of this, there are considerable economic savings as a direct result of being healthy, without allergies, insomnia, headaches, and even more serious illnesses caused by the exhalation of commonly used materials, glues and paints.


The concept of bio-architecture refers to a set of construction methods and processes that focus on respecting nature and people's health. Bio-architecture houses are designed according to criteria that respect environmental sustainability principles: this means constructing houses with eco-friendly materials, paying attention to the energy efficiency of the building and using renewable energy sources.

Constructing an eco-sustainable building means carefully choosing all the materials, which must have a low environmental impact, be easy to dispose of and guarantee high energy efficiency.

Bio-architectural design also involves reducing the building's energy consumption so as to have as little impact as possible on the environment (and also on finances).

Well-being is fundamental: a green house must offer a healthy and comfortable environment for its inhabitants. Comfort is guaranteed on various levels: acoustic, hygrometric, visual and of course thermal.

Green buildings consciously choose the appropriate materials according to precise ecological criteria that respect nature and its resources. It is important to assess the availability of materials, preferring locally sourced ones. It is important to follow the extraction process in order to have as little impact on nature as possible and to choose low-energy processing.

It is a concrete gesture towards nature: choosing ecological materials and green friendly technologies allows you to reduce CO2 emissions, preserve natural resources and respect environmental biodiversity.



  • Magnesium Aerated Binder - 3 bags x 25 kg
  • Mineralized Hemp - 3 bags x 10.5 kg.
  • Hydraulic Binder - 1 bag x 17.5 kg 

Total kit: 124 kg



Apparent density when the mortar has hardened: 400 kg/m3

Specific heat: C = 1500 J/Kg K

Thermal conductivity: ? = 0.085 W/mK

Water vapour diffusion coefficient: ? = 5.3



It is a highly versatile product and suitable for applications:

on indoor walls

on exterior walls

in renovations

restoration work

in new constructions



Preparation of the substrate:

Surfaces must be dust-free, solid and stable, free from chalking, paint, dusty or crumbling residues, plant formations and mould or other defects. In general, the substrate must be homogeneous, clean and well bonded. To improve grip on difficult substrates, it is better to apply a roughcast of about 1 cm, using the same mix and waiting for it to set.


Pour 37 litres of water in the mixer with 3 bags of Magnesium Aerial Binder (3x25Kg), activate the motor and turn until a homogeneous mixture is obtained.

Then pour in sequence, mixing the products well: 2 bags . Mineralized Hemp (2 x 10.50 kg), 1 bag of Hydraulic Binder (1 x 17.5 kg)

Finally, the third bag Mineralized Hemp (1 x 10,50 Kg), then let the mixer run for 4/5 minutes.

Apply the mixed product within 45 minutes. 



The manual application is the same as that of a traditional plaster. The product is applied with trowel and trowel directly on the surface. It can also be applied by machine with a plastering machine.

It can be applied up to a maximum thickness of 6 cm. Stabilise the plaster, avoiding compressing it, leaving the last layer with an "H" shaped straight edge.

Subsequent layers of plaster, for thicknesses greater than 6 cm, must be applied when the underlying layer is partially hardened (24/48 hours apart, depending on temperature and weather conditions).

Apply at temperatures between +5°C and +30°C.

The plaster must be isolated from walking surfaces (pavements, roads, terraces, etc.) and from places where water stagnates. It must also be separated from contact with the ground (lawns, flowerbeds, substrates made of sand or gravel for self-locking screeds, etc.) to avoid capillary rise of water.

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