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Insulation of the substrates with Sodium cork and silicate

When the substrate is facing the ground or into unheated rooms such as cellars and garages, it is important to achieve thermal insulation by following the same regulations that govern the values to be obtained in the other parts of the enclosure such as the perimeter walls and the roof.

If the thickness you have available is abundant you can choose between different ways to realize the insulation, but if space is short you can then form the insulating layer as a covering of the systems by kneading Sodium granular and silicate cork. Then you can choose from different ways to finish the flooring: with 5 / 6cm traditional screed or with dry support panels.

Choose between the two modes:


1- choose Suberglass 70 for a highly insulating, lightweight, and medium-wearing substrate
2- Choose Suberglass 90 for a lightweight, compact, and most durable insulating substrate.
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