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Thermal plaster of cork and lime

If the plaster is still to be realized, apply Bioart-Cork Thermal and Lime Thermal Inside as inside and thus achieve the thermal insulation values prescribed by the regulations. With Bioart-Cork and Lime Thermal Plaster, you get a healthy and breathable plaster with granular cork, natural hydraulic lime and wheat straw.

Indoor plaster


2- If the surface is not grepping enough to plaster applay a rough coat.


2-streach Bioart-insulatin plaster of cork in thickness 3 to 10 cm.

3-Se lo spessore è rilevate, oltre i 5/6 cm, puoi interporre una rete portaintonaco con maglia da 1cm
4-Per una finitura della superficie applica una mano di Bioart-Finitura media
5-Se desideri perfezionare la finitura e farla diventare liscia applica una ultima mano di Bioart-Finitura fine



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