artimestieri cooperativa sociale solo bioedilizia Cork thermal screed

Termal screed cork.

When the background is turned to toward the ground or from unheated room as cellars and garage it is important to realize the insulation

a long the same regulations governing the values to be archieved  in other parts of housing has the perimeter walls and the roof .

if the thickness you have is availlable you can to choose from the sevaral mode to achieve the isolation,

but if the space is short then you can form the insulating layer to conver  the plants with Bioart-cork resulting surface thermal screed 

you'll pave directly whith tile , solid wood, brick or the other materials. 


2-If necessary, stretche out the audience vapour control.


 2- Kneards and livelle of cork the  thicknesse thermal screed Bioart-wanted


3- After a week put forth thy self to perfect the surface and make it suitable for flooring.





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