artimestieri cooperativa sociale solo bioedilizia Plank parquet italian 15mm paste

 Italian plank solid gluing 15 mm

Choose a hardwood floor to italian, oak, cherry, chestnut, oak or walnut.Italian wood grain hardness and beauty stand out: our is a plank parquet wood frooring manufactured by piedmont timber locally and-crafed and to lay and protectect with environmentally  friendly prodocts.


1- Put a layer adhesive and is compatibile on sceed compate and clean.



2- put the italian in a plank of wood species: oak, chestnut, cherry and walnut



3a-If the plank is italian to be sanded on the site after laying.   is not levigate. Wait a periode of adjustment of 15/20 day befort seddin the park.

  3B-If the plank is Italian "smoothed" you can go straight to the Fund treatment with "base coat" (remember to wipe the entire surface from over by the half hour treatment)


4- The day after applying the fist coat of resilient. fist pass a small amount  of product, a day or 2 after passing the second coat durable.


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