artimestieri cooperativa sociale solo bioedilizia Italian 23 mm-Strip by nailing

Parquet Italian 23mm solide plank by nailling 

If you want a thik parquet suitable for nailling choose the plank thikness 23mm italian. The available species  are oak,  cherry, chestnut and walnut. Discover also the subtrate the better and hearthier to put down the plank italian. Again here the basic mode: the plank nailled or nailling chestnut.  




1- Provider a fund suitable for nailling of the strips, such as the  italian, chesnut  frame whith termal screet bioart-thermal-topside cork. 




2- Put the Italian plank of  wood plank ,oak , cherry, chestnut and waltnut. Nail the strip from 23mm whit sweet iron nails 5/6 cm in length.



3a-If the plank is italian to be sanded on the site after laying.   is not levigate. Wait a periode of adjustment of 15/20 day befort seddin the park.

  3B-If the plank is Italian "smoothed" you can go straight to the Fund treatment with "base coat" (remember to wipe the entire surface from over by the half hour treatment)

4- The day after applying the fist coat of resilient. fist pass a small amount  of product, a day or 2 after passing the second coat durable. resistente-conf-075lt-olio-duro-per-legn
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