artimestieri cooperativa sociale solo bioedilizia Listone italiano forme speciali

Italian special forms proposed plank

Artimestieri include special installation mode, some already very present in the European tradition as the poses in "herringbone" or "blank" forms and very specific solutions to measure how large chestnut laying present in the catalogue.


Choose from any of these types or ask a tailored manufacture.


1-Provide a fund suitable for nailing/pasting special Italian forms such as the Plank Nailing in chestnut drowned in screed natural hydraulic lime. This is a background that allows both bonding that gluing of the parquet. adesivo-ecocompatibile-parquet.jpg

2-put the plank Italian in the shape of a "herringbone": for this method of installation is simply the screed smoothly for pasting.


3-square shape available in four kinds of wood: oak, chestnut, cherry and Walnut is also suitable for a "floating" pose..

4- 4-If the size of the plates are very large, we recommend laying with mixed nailed and glued for added stability.





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