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Termal cork underlays for parquet installation

 In out the conception wooden floor is an element of complex system where carfully choose all components : the backgound material, the fastening system and installation , any adhesive used, the plank and natural products for finishing and protection of wooden floors. Subtrates are part of the systeme and are important the termal insulation values, weigth, carrying capacity breathability. 


We present here some of the most populare systems that you can buy in our catalog:



1- The nailling chestnut whith dovetail section is the more classic mode used for nailling a solid wood plank.the soft-iron nail having penetrated into chestnut is roughened by tannin present in chestnut and not you check out more. The topside of chestnut thus ensure a strong fixation without to settling whith little    creaking.


2-With Cork can form a Bioart murtle thermal insulation layer and ready to be paved at the same time. When the thickness is minimal, this is the most appropriate solution.


3-with frame/nailing in chestnut and Bioart-thermal insulation layer of Cork get a Screed suitable for nailing, all within a few centimeters thick.

4-If you want to make a few cm insulation layer that allows you to nail down a solid wood plank: this is the solution for you. resistente-conf-075lt-olio-duro-per-legn
5-If you want to nail down the plank on a wooden frame, fill in the blanks with granular Cork: is the easiest and cheapest way to achieve optimum thermal and acoustic insulation.

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