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Treatement and maintenance of parquet

Choose healthy natural traitement to protect and enhange the beauty of wood, made with natural oils and

resins whithout to petroleum: over time your parquet will be experienced but increasingly beautiful. Beautyfull and suggestive thank to full affinity that oil and waxes have with solide wood. 


1- Apply a base coat impregnated "Turapori" composed of natural olios and resins, no petroleum no toxic solvents. Withing the half hous dries any surface from product surpluses


2-The next day apply the fist coat "resilient" first pass and small amount of product; one or two days after you finish traitement by applying the second coat of durable .



3- Lava il parquet con "Saponetto" un detergente naturale non aggressivo e nutriente per il legno




4- After washing with saponetto roll out the wax "Lilla"  to return to each wash the  beautifull natural wood flooring 




5- If you want to return a good looks to a parquet overlooked, you can use "Belparquet".