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Thermal coat with thin cork

For greater thermal and acoustic insulation, apply 2 to 10 mm cork sheets of cork supercurled. If you want to make a thermal coat with reduced thickness without replacing window sills and window frames, use the new Bioart-Adhesive/skim coat Termofine, an insulating adhesive/sealant containing cork powder.

The advantage is that each millimeter used gives environmental insulating power.

With thin coat thermal coat, solve mold and condensation problems on cold, slightly insulated walls and significantly increase the insulation power of your walls.

The thin coat is made of cork and lime: natural and breathable materials without synthetic resins, solvents or pertolders.

 Use the following materials:


1-If there is mold on the walls and want to sanitize before proceeding to the finish, apply a coat of mold-away.

2-Apply a coat of primer
3-stretch out now a Bioart-sticker skim coat Termofine with 5 x 7 tooth spatula
4-Paste the wall a thin sheet of Cork with a choice of 2-3-6 thickness: 10 mm
5-Sealing the joints between sheets of Cork by applying the tape/2 installation-retina.

6-Put now a Bioart-sticker skim coat Termofine over the entire surface with stainless spatula with rounded corners.

7-before the complete drying process passes a second coat thin and smooth with spatula.

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