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Thermal cladding with blond or brown 

Cork panels to adapt regulations thermal insulation values of your exterior walls creates a thermal insulation that is covered with Cork panels.

If possible apply the thermal insulation in the exterior, if it cannot be realized in interior finish, though with some advantage in less you will get an excellent thermal and acoustic insulation: breathable and healthy because made of natural materials.

Use the following materials: 


1-spread the adhesive/plaster on the wall with approximately 4/5 kg per m² notched trowel
2-apply the Panel to the wall by a modest pressure over the entire surface
3-the next day put the plugs usually come in 6 measure per sqm
4-put a second coat of adhesive/skim coat 
5-put the retina construction she was drowned inside the skim coat. After 2/4 hours stretch out a last layer of skim coat and refines the surface rete porta intonaco
6-If you want a smooth finish, one or two days later put the finishing order
7-Ad essicazione completa pittura con due mani di Vegancolor se il cappotto è in interno (in esterno puoi applicare intonachino naturale o colorato oppure proteggere con pittura adatta all'esterno) 



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