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Adhesive and skim coat for cork panels - 25kg bag


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Adhesive and skim coat:

  • applying and coating cork panels
  • applying and coating wood fiber panels
  • for the protection of thermal cork plaster

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Natural adhesive for thermal insulation, Bioart adhesive/coat powder based on natural hydraulic lime suitable for bonding and the reinforced finish of breathable insulating cork panels, wood fiber, calcium siliceous or for finishing plasters
Thermal insulation based on natural hydraulic lime with a fine sponge finish.
Due to its natural characteristics, it makes possible to obtain a chromatic appearance, unlike modern synthetic products.


Pre-mixed mineral product based on natural hydraulic lime, silico-calcareous aggregates, pozzolan, fine expanded mineral aggregates and specific additives that improve performances in terms of workability and adhesion.


Mix the 25 kg bag with approx. 7-8 liters of clean water using an electric mixer to obtain a homogeneous and lump-free mixture. Leave the dough to rest for 5 minutes before proceeding with the application.
The mixed product can be used for approx. 90 minutes. Do not add water and re-stir the mixture to reuse it after this time.
Apply the adhesive on the insulating panels to ensure good adhesion on the suface, taking care to place it on the edge and in more homogeneous points inside it.
Apply the skim coat after anchoring the panels or on thermal insulating plasters based on natural hydraulic lime with a large spatula with horizontal and vertical passages to obtain the desired complanarity.
Drown in the first coat fiberglass net, then put a second coat to uniform it. The final coat must be of constant thickness and finished using a sponge to obtain a fine civil finish. Apply the subsequent coat when the first coat is not yet completely dry.
When dry, the product is suitable to receive decorative protections based on lime, silicates or siloxanes.


Appearance: premixed powder
Color: beige brown
Bulk density powder:1150 kg / m3
Bulk density slurry: 1550 kg / m3
Maximum aggregate diameter ≤ 1.0 mm
Application temperature: from + 8 ° C to + 35 ° C
Pot life: ≥ 90 'minutes approx
Mixing ratio: 1 25 kg bag with 7-8 LT water ca.
vapor diffusion: 15 ≤ μ


Avoid application with temperatures below +8° C, or with strong wind, rain and direct sunlight.
Avoid application on frozen, dusty, unstable and inconsistent surfaces.
Avoid application on gypsum-based substrates. Has to be protected from frost and with applications in cold and damp periods.
wait for the complete drying of the plasters before proceeding with the final decorations.
Bioart adhesive/coat is a product with natural coloring and is therefore susceptible to slight variations in color due advancement of the sampling in the quarry of marly limestone.
Temperatures below +8° C with a high percentage of humidity can give rise to superficial carbonation phenomena. The chromatic aspect can change according to the environmental conditions



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    scheda tecnica

    Buonasera, sono un architetto specializzato in architettura naturale e sono interessata a questo prodotto. Potete gentilmente inviarmi scheda tecnica e scheda di sicurezza alla mail Grazie


      Quanto adesivo/rasante serve ogni mq?

      Buongiorno Angelo,
      premettendo che la resa è variabile in relazione alle condizioni delle pareti: servono 4/5kg al mq per l'applicazione e 4/5 kg al mq per la rasatura.
      Negli interni possiamo calcolare 8.5 kg al mq, mentre nel cappotto esterno se la rasatura è più consistente possiamo considerare 9/9.5 kg al mq

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      cappotto interno

      di quanti sacchi ho bisogno per isolare pareti circa 40mq

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        Adhesive and skim coat for cork panels - 25kg bag

        Adhesive and skim coat for cork panels - 25kg bag

        Adhesive and skim coat:

        • applying and coating cork panels
        • applying and coating wood fiber panels
        • for the protection of thermal cork plaster


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