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Calce Idraulica Naturale Nhl5 (calce Romana)- Sacco Da 25kg

Natural hydraulic lime screed NHL5- 25kg bag

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Natural hydraulic lime based screed



NHL2 and NHL5 hydraulic lime based screed for breathable basement for ceramics, terracotta, stone or wood floors. Good for attics or underfloor heating system.


it is a pre-mixed screed based on NHL2 and NHL5 natural hydraulic lime, selected siliceous and calcareous materialS, with an appropriate granulometric curve, and specific additives that improve workability and adhesion to the basement.


The basement must be stable, dry, cracks and dust free, loose or crumbly parts. Before laying the screed, it should build a collapsible perimeter band for the entire height of the screed.

Mix the product with 4 LT approx. of clean water per 25 kg bag in cement mixer. Get the correct amount of water in the cement mixer, then add the powder. Mix it for about 3-4 minutes until getting an homogeneous and lump-free mixture. Apply as a traditional screed, preparing the level bands and spreading it. Press it until the surface is coplanar and smooth.


18 Kg/mq per cm


Light beige


25 Kg bags - 1575 kg pallet (63 bags)


Avoid application below +5° C or above +35° C. Low temeperature and high atmospheric humidity influence the drying times of the product.
Avoid application on frozen, dusty, unstable and inconsistent surfaces.
Do not add water to the product during the setting phase.
Always check the residual moisture of the screed before laying the coverings.
Do not wet the screed and protect the surfaces from direct contact with the sun, rain and frost within the first 24 hours after the installation.
Provide suitable cuts and fractioning joints at thresholds, corners, wall openings, or in the case of large continuous surfaces.
Do not use on surfaces affected by capillary rising damp without interposing an appropriate vapor barrier or waterproofing sheath.
Do not add additional binders to the ready product.


Dry powder density: ~1400 kg/mc                                                     Fresh mortar density: ~2170 kg/mc
Dry mortar density: ~1750 kg/mc
Compressive strength: ≥5 N/mm² - C5
Flex strength: ≥ 1 N/mm² - F1
Maximum aggregate diameter: 3 mm
Fire reaction: Class A1
Storage: 12 months in original packaging and away from moisture
Workability time:> 60 minutes
Minimum application:> 35 mm (for floors with foot traffic)
Walkability:> 24 hours (depending on weather conditions)
Time required for ceramic laying:> 7 days (before laying, always check the residual moisture by using a Calcium Carbide Hygrometer)
Time required laying wood:> 28 days (before laying, always check the residual moisture by using a Calcium Carbide Hygrometer)

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Buongiorno, ho un terrazzino di una vecchia casa in campagna al quale ho gia' applicato una guaina impermeabilizzzante, ma, non essendo muratore, non la piastrellero'. Alla vista non e' esteticamente piacevole, quindi mi chiedevo se si potesse fare una piccola gettata di massetto di calce idraulica (finitura rustica), in modo da avere un fondo pedonabile. L'unica mia incertezza e' che, come con il massetto cementizio, si rischino spaccature ad avvenuta asciugatura dello stesso. Si potrebbe usare anche per questo prodotto la tecnica finale dello spolvero?

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