artimestieri cooperativa sociale solo bioedilizia Malta Per Muratura E Intonaco - 25kg bag
Malta Per Muratura E Intonaco - Sacco Da 25kg

Malta Per Muratura E Intonaco - 25kg bag


25 kg bags



Traditional mortar NHL2 based, ready to use, for new walls or restoration of existing buildings, tuff or stone walls. it's particularly suitable on buildings of historical and artistic interest.


The surface must be clean, dust and oils free: with hot weather slightly moisten the surface with clean water before applying it. Mix with water in traditional cement mixers with 5 L approx. of clean water per 25 kg bag. The resulting mixture can be used within 3 hours approx.
For re-using it mix with a trowel without other water addition.
After positioning the alignments for the correct elevation of the masonry, assembly the bricks lay the mortar with the trowel in constant quantities for the type and size of the bricks. Use the trowel to compact the mortar on the installed brick and remove the excess.


- Avoid application with temperatures below + 5 ° C, with strong wind, rain and direct sunlight.
- With high temperatures moist the substrate with water before applying the mortar.
- Do not apply frosted masonry bricks, or with the risk of frost in the 24 hours after laying.
- Avoid application on frozen, dusty, unstable and inconsistent surfaces.
- Minimum thickness 10 mm.
- Protect surfaces from rapid drying due to strong wind and full sun.
- Protect surfaces from rain and frost for the first two days from the installation.


- Dry powder density: ~1300 kg/mc
- Maximum aggregate diameter: 2.5 mm
- Water permeability: 15/35 μ
- fire reaction: Class A1
- Mixing ratio: 1 25 kg bag with 5 L of water approx.
- Indicative consumption: ~1300 kg/mc
- Color: light beige

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