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SOLUZIONE CANADESE - CANADIAN SOLUTION. Preservation of wood from mold attack


Packs of 1 - 5 - 20 liters.

Natural mold solution. Prevents the attack of molds and xylophagous insects. Fire retardant of wood and cellulose.




The ideal solution for mold on walls and wood. Prevents the formation of mold even in difficult internal situations such as thermal bridges in exposed walls, high environmental humidity. The active salts contained in the formulation are characterized by a high concentration (> 16%) even in the cold season, ensuring maximum effectiveness in all conditions; in fact the normal solutions of boron salts do not exceed a concentration of 3% of active boron. Packs 1lt - 5lt - 20 lt
It can be applied on the wall by roller, brush or even spray, making the solution well absorbed and then painting with "Luminosa" breathable paint and the molds will not come back! For the treatment of wood soak abundantly and allow to dry. The wood must not have previous varnishes. It can be applied by brush, spray.


Preservation of wood from attack by molds and pests. Product free of biocides.
Prevents and eliminates mold on the walls.


The product must be diluted with water in the ratio 1: 1.
In the protection of wood, apply the impregnation with care also in cracks in the wood and in the cutting sections. In the cracks it is advisable to spray the product abundantly.
The optimal quantity of product is 90 gr / mq of diluted product.
In the prevention of mold on masonry: Remove any old non-absorbent paint. Apply the roller product on an absorbent wall.
Wait for the complete drying before proceeding with the application of the "Luminosa" painting n.275 to which you can add about 1-2 glasses of a 14 liter can / can.




20 sqm / l

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