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GEMMA - Protective impregnation for...

GEMMA - Protective impregnation for wood - colourless or wood colours

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GEMMA - Packs of 0.75 - 2.5 - 18 - 50 Litres

Water based protective impregnating agent for wood, available in the colourless version and in the colours light walnut, walnut, douglas, mahogany and wenge.




Water-based impregnating agent with a highly protective and colouring function for all types of untreated or open-pore wood.



Impregnating primer, colouring and protective action. Contains an anti-mould protective agent. Penetrates deeply into the structure of the wood, does not film on the surface and is not subject to cracking and splitting.



Stir well before use.

Apply 1 or 2 coats by brush, spray or with impregnating machines.

Before the final coat, sprinkle finely to obtain a smooth surface.

Subsequent coats after 4 hours.

It is recommended not to cover the freshly impregnated wood with non-breathable materials to avoid the formation of condensation and slow drying.

The impregnated pieces can be stacked after a few minutes.

Outdoors, we recommend using Solas Gemma U50 coloured, which guarantees superior resistance to atmospheric agents. Then apply two coats of a topcoat of your choice of Resina U49, Luminoso Plus U89 or TixoGel U90 in the same colour as the impregnating agent. If you want to maintain the natural colour of light wood that has never been treated (fir, pine, larch, birch), you can use the UV-protected version with code U600. This version should not be used on dark wood (teak, iroko, etc.).

In order to have resistance to mould in exteriors, it is necessary to apply two coats of finish such as Resina U49, Infinito Plus U39, Luminoso Plus U89 or TixoGel U90.

Indoors, Gemma U50 in 3 coats is a top coat.

Do not apply at temperatures below 8˚C.


Liquid, colourless or coloured version. When dry, it has a brilliant, natural effect with visible grain.



Approx. 15-17 sqm/litre per coat.  The yield is influenced by the type of substrate and environmental conditions.



Available in the colourless version (code 201) and in the colours light walnut (code 219), walnut (code 231), douglas fir (code 223), mahogany (code 638) and wenge (code 137).

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Ufficio Tecnico di Artimestieri
L'impregnante Gemma è della nuova linea senza terpene d'arancio che ne fa un prodotto con un profumo delicato. E' sicuramente un prodotto atossico e salubre.
Salve, vorrei sapere se il prodotto + atossico. Grazie.

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