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Marmorino San Tommaso - Natural...

Marmorino San Tommaso - Natural Decorative Wall Cladding


Marmorino San Tommaso is a decorative coating based on marble powder and seasoned slaked lime.

100% natural, without petrochemical components.



Marmorino San Tommaso

Marmorino San Tommaso is a decorative coating for interiors, based on seasoned slaked lime with the addition of marble powder.

It is completely natural, without petrochemical components, and suitable for use in green building. This ancient technique with a history of thousands of years can add a touch of elegance to green building houses, drawing a sense of continuity with a past when architecture was close to nature.

The 159 different colours available are also produced without petrochemical components.

Marmorino paint is a lime paint for interiors, suitable for the restoration of houses in historic town centres. It is an antique paint with the classic marmorino effect, i.e. a putty decoration that mimics marble. Already known in Roman times, this coloured lime paint was further developed in the Renaissance, also known as Stucco Marmorino, to give the impression of marble while being considerably cheaper. It was often called Marmorino Veneziano, which is similar to Stucco Veneziano, but unlike the latter has a much larger proportion of marble powder, and is much more resistant.

Ancient and natural ingredients, combined with modern processing technology, have combined to create a technical Marmorino paint that is easy to use, durable and elegant.

This ready-made lime paint is colourable, with reference to the Terre Effervescenti colour system: a complete Lime Paint Colour Chart using only pigments of natural origin.

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Thanks to the cohesion capacity of both the slaked lime and the milk and egg formulation, Marmorino San Tommaso can be applied on smooth absorbent plasters based on hydraulic binders, levelled plasterboard and well anchored absorbent surfaces, provided that they are able to resist the traction of a mineral coating.

For indoor use. Applicable with stainless steel or plastic trowel

The substrates to be coated must be sound, consistent, homogeneous, clean, free of mould, lichen, greasy and/or oily residues, dust and/or particles of any kind and damaged by rising damp. Any loose and unstable parts must be removed in order to restore the optimum suitability of the substrate, which is a necessary condition for correct application of the product.

The product cannot be applied over existing old or new paint layers unless it has been checked that they are perfectly anchored, that the necessary degree of absorption has been achieved and that the tensile strength of a mineral coating has been verified. If the underlying layers do not meet these requirements, total or partial removal is recommended.

On new lime and cement based plasters apply our Fissativo Ecologico and then one of our Primer Centri Storici or Dura Plus primers.

On plasters based on natural hydraulic lime and slaked lime, apply one of our Dura or Scialbo natural lime primers.

On substrates where it is necessary to uniform the surface both in presence of small imperfections and in presence of absorption differences, apply our Ecological Fixative and then one of our primers Historical Centres or Dura Plus.

On gypsum-based finished surfaces, it is necessary to check the compatibility with our Stucco Lustro on site; in the case of an accentuated dusting or abnormal absorption, it is necessary to proceed with our Fissativo Ecologico and then one of our Primer Centri Storici or Dura Plus primers.

On plasterboard and fibreglass, it is best to level the entire surface with our Natural Stucco. Then proceed with our Ecological Fixative and one of our primers Historical Centres or Dura Plus Mix well before use. Allow 6-8 hours between coats, ensuring that the surface is evenly dry. Surface working temperatures should be between 7°C and 30°C, and ambient humidity should not exceed 80%, both during application and in the following 48 hours.

DILUTION: Ready to use.


Marmorino San Tommaso is composed of cream of lime, calcium carbonates, starch, milk, egg white, essential oils, silica sand, cellulose thickener.




Apply one coat of Balsamo di Cera with a brush on a completely dry basecoat. To avoid the toning of the natural wax, choose the Balsamo di Cera formulated with white wax.


On the completely dry white or coloured support, apply a very thin layer of Stucco Lustro, using the same technique as for the lamination, until a smooth and patinated surface is obtained.



GRANULOMETRY: maximum 40 micron.

YIELD: two coats: 600-700 gr/sqm.

TOOLS: stainless steel trowel, plastic.

COLOUR: white 

COLOURABLE: with reference to the colourimetric system Terre Effervescenti, verifying the correspondence.

PACKAGING: 21 kg bucket; 7 kg bucket; 1.4 kg tin

PLACE OF PRODUCTION: Spring Color head office in Via Jesina, 63 Castelfidardo (An)

PACKAGING LOCATION: Spring Color premises in Via Jesina, 63 Castelfidardo (Ancona).

STORAGE: 12 months in original packaging, undamaged and protected from excessively cold temperatures, close to 0°, frost, temperatures over 30° and excessively humid environments. Maximum particle size 40 microns PH: 12 Specific weight: 1380 kg/l Resistance to water vapour diffusion: 10.6 µ

Specifications: Spring Color Via Jesina, 63 Castelfidardo (AN) tel. 071/7823780 VAT no. and Fiscal code 020770. VAT and Fiscal Code 02071670422 Updated to 17-03-2021 - Decorative coating based on seasoned slaked lime and marble powder. Completely natural, free from petrochemical components, it has an excellent capacity of cohesion to the support, maintaining almost unchanged the degree of permeability to steam. Possible decorative effects: shiny, waxed. DILUTIONS: do not dilute. Yield after two coats: 600/700 g/sq.m. depending on the roughness of the substrate. TOOLS: stainless steel trowel, plastic.

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