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Sali di boro

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Walls and wood impregnating salts for long-lasting protective and preventive action.
Suitable for walls treatment against fungus and mold problems.
Make the wood unwelcome to worms and insects.


-for brush use or roller, mix the 1kg  of boron salts with 7 liters of warm water.
- for spray use, the dilution changes according to the ambient temperature: at 10° mix 1 kg of boron salts with 10 liters of water; at 20° mix 1 kg of boron salts with 7 liters of water; at 30° mix 1 kg of boron salts with 5 liters of water.


1- WALL - for walls disinfection before re-painting: wash several times the molded area with boron salt solution. Then add to the fixative and the water-based paints.

2- WOOD- For infested wooden surfaces with fungi and molds: apply an abundant solution of boron salts by brush, roller or spray and wait 12 hours before the eventual second coat.


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Sali di boro

Sali di boro

1-3-10 kg bags