artimestieri cooperativa sociale solo bioedilizia Linfa U60 Water-based wood stain for interior and exterior use
Linfa - Water Based Wood Stain -...
Linfa - Water Based Wood Stain -...
Linfa - Water Based Wood Stain -...

Linfa - Water Based Wood Stain - Natural Colours

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Packages of 5 - 18 - 50 - 1000 liters

Natural impregnating agent for wood with boron salts, ideal for frames, doors and windows, roofs, furniture and wood in general.

It makes wood unwelcome to woodworms, parasites and rodents. Resistant to water and atmospheric agents, it protects from mold and mildew.




Long-lasting preventive and nutritive water-based wood stain.

This natural impregnating agent colors, nourishes and protects untreated or stripped wood, both indoors and outdoors.

Meets all green building criteria.

It is a natural water-based wood dye with high opacity, for coloring any type of wood, provided that it has an open pore.

Resistant to water and atmospheric agents, it protects against mold and mildew.

Linfa U60 wood stainers are ready to be used by brush, roller and spray.

It is particularly suitable for industrial applications with impregnating machines, for which it is available in 1000 liter drums.


Wood impregnating primer, long-lasting coloring and protective action. It penetrates deeply into the structure of the wood, does not film on the surface and is not subject to cracking, splitting or spalling.


Stir well before use

Apply the product by brush, sponge or spray

For a better homogeneity of the colour, it is recommended to use the product of the same production lot

The impregnated pieces can be overlapped, spaced with an intermediate strip, after a few minutes

Do not apply at temperatures below 8 ̊C

After 4/8 hours it is ready for the finishing treatment

On exteriors it is recommended to apply two or three coats

It is recommended not to cover the freshly impregnated wood with non-breathable materials to avoid the formation of condensation and slow drying.


Liquid, colorless or colored version.

When dry, matt, natural effect with visible grain.

The stain for wood is a fundamental product for its natural look, without hiding it and without creating a covering film that hides its main characteristics. It carries out a fundamental protective activity, which makes it possible to maintain the original appearance of the wood unaltered over time, indoors but especially outdoors, where it is directly exposed to the action of the weather and, if not impregnated, quickly changes its appearance.


About 15-17 sqm/liter on planed surfaces.


Solas impregnating agents for exterior and interior wood protect supports treated with alkyd resins of vegetable origin. The coloring is obtained with mineral pigments such as iron oxides, ultramarine pigments, earths and bone black, without the use of synthetic organic pigments.

By using only simple natural ingredients, production cycles are short and less energy is used than in the production cycles of conventional products. The production of natural wood impregnating paint therefore has a very low environmental impact and, while maintaining high technical performance. it's a highly biocompatible stain.

Linfa wood impregnating paint does not create indoor air pollution and has a very low environmental impact, even during the disposal phase.


By its very nature, wood is subject to degradation caused by environmental factors.

There can be two main types of consequences: an alteration of the color and texture on the surface, and a possible disintegration of the elements that make up the structure of the wood itself.

Wood is a biodegradable material and therefore naturally subject to biotic (fungi, bacteria and microorganisms) and chemical (oxidation by UV rays, pollution, temperature) attacks. It is destined to decompose when subjected to certain conditions such as prolonged contact with water or the persistence of high percentages of relative humidity in the air.

The action of the wood stain consists in occupying the interstitial spaces of the wood fibers, those that were once occupied by the sap, when the tree was alive. These spaces, now impregnated, are no longer available to receive water, which is therefore repelled. The impregnating agent, unlike a covering enamel, allows for healthy transpiration and leaves the natural wood fibers visible, even if the impregnating agent is colored.

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