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Pannello alta densità per cappotto esterno, sp. da 10 a 20 cm
Pannello alta densità per cappotto esterno, sp. da 10 a 20 cm
Pannello alta densità per cappotto esterno, sp. da 10 a 20 cm
Pannello alta densità per cappotto esterno, sp. da 10 a 20 cm
Pannello alta densità per cappotto esterno, sp. da 10 a 20 cm
Pannello alta densità per cappotto esterno, sp. da 10 a 20 cm

High density panel for outer coat, roof, thickness substrates. From 10 to 20 cm


Highly dense, thick, natural blond cork panel

Available in thicknesses: 10-12-14-16-18-20cm


The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 6.


PANELS OF SUGHERO BIONDO ITALIANO high density and strong thickness 

Insulation panel for the insulation of roofs, attics, walls and floors

Due to its high density (180/190 kg / m3) and its high thermal capacity (2100 J / kg.K), the natural blond cork panel guarantees thermal displacement and periodic transmittance, helping to keep the building fresh in summer. 

With a thick and high density panel, it is possible to make the outer coat in high density dome cork without the use of brown cork for import. In fact, the high-density and thick cork panel is a Sardinian product, renewable And km zero.



Packaging: in shrink wrap, pack size 100x50x30 cm 

Panel Size: 100 x 50 cm 

Thicknesses available: 2 to 20 cm (tolerances ± 3 mm) 

Cork density: 180 kg / m3 + 10 kg / mc 

Thermal conductivity: 0.044 W / m K (~ 0.004) 

Specific heat: 2.1 kJ / kg K 

Resistance to vapor diffusion resistance μ: 7.3 

Vapor permeability: 9.6 * 10-2 mg / mhPa 

Moisture content: 7.5%


Resistance to humidity in time (disintegration): absent 

Boiling water resistance for 1 hour (disintegration): absent 

Measurement of airborne acoustical isolation (vertical partition made of double plinth plastered with 8 cm thick hollow block blocks, filled with 5 cm thick blond natural cork panel): Rw (C; Ctr) = 46 (-1; -4 ) DB 

Sound absorption: 0.20 * 0.85 (125 * 8000 Hz) 

Dynamic stiffness 3 cm thick: s' = 23MN / m3 

Fire reaction: Class 2 - Euroclass E 

Putrescibility: nothing 

Insect and rodent attachment: nothing 

Aging stability: unlimited 

Existing chemical agent panel: Good water, hydrochloric, sulfuric and lactic acid content of 10%, concentrated citric acid, benzene, ethyl alcohol, slight degradation to acetic acid, ammonia to 10 ° C % Ethylene acetate and trichlorethylene. Degradable from soda used at 10%.

RECOMMENDED uses of high density thick panel 

Thermal and acoustic outer shell of perimeter walls: Apply high density cork panel to external perimeter walls with natural hydraulic lime adhesive, secure with dowels, stretch the adhesive with anti-cure retina and then plaster with natural hydraulic lime even with color choice.

Roof thermal insulation with high density panel: forms a double layer of cork panel between sheath under steam barrier isolation and protective breathable drip guard.Insulation of the attic: Lay a sheath under steam barrier insulation, laying one or two layers of cork in a high density panel. 

Thermal insulation of interspace walls of perimeters and divisions: Apply the blond cork panel with adhesive or only dowels to one of the walls, then raise the second wall to close the insulation package. 

Thermo-acoustic insulation of the substrates and floors: Lay one or two layers of high-density cork panels and then cast the natural hydraulic lime screed or the pavement thermal screed or other dry systems (see our solutions).


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