artimestieri cooperativa sociale solo bioedilizia SAPONETTO - Nourishing detergent for floors
SAPONETTO conf 1 LT - detergente nutriente per pavimenti

SAPONETTO- Nourishing detergent for oiled and fired wood floors


Size 1 - 5 L.
Nourishing detergent for floors. In-depth cleaning of stubborn stains without harming the treatments.




Nutrient detergent for wood and terracotta floors, oiled and waxed.


• It energetically cleanses, without damaging the existing treatment. Cleans from stubborn stains. It feeds depleted wood from use.
• It greatly simplifies cleaning work.
• Miscible with Lilla L21 Solas self-polishing wax in a 1: 1 ratio to obtain an excellent wax-washer.


• Stir well before use.
• Add approximately 100 ml (about half a glass) in a 5 liter bucket of water.
• For stubborn dirt rub with Saponetto D11 diluted with water 1: 1 (equal parts of water and soap), then rinse.
• To obtain an excellent lava-wax, mix 100 ml of Saponetto D11 with 100 ml of Lilac L21 in 5 liters of water.
• Do not apply at temperatures below 8 ̊C.


Liquid with eucalyptus scent



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