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Guaina antigoccia traspirante conf. 75mq

Protective sheath under-insulation vapor barrier Roll 75sqm


For the insulating packages protection from moisture and concrete bumps



For protection against atmospheric agents, humidity and all the stresses of the insulating package on pitched roofs, on flat floors, in foundations, in wood or concrete. Particularly strong, suitable for rough concrete.


Weight: 230 g / m²
Thickness: 0.65 mm
Roll width: 1500mm
Roll length: 50m
Vapor permeability (g/m² 24h): 15
Value sd (m):> 2
Water column (mm):> 900
Temperature resistance: -40/+100° C
Tear resistance: MD N/5cm:>360
Trasversal Tear resistance: CD N/5cm:>330
UV rays resistance: 4 months
Color: beige/gray


Three-layer breathable sheat; the first layer and the third layer are non-woven polypropylene fabrics with high mechanical resistance, protecting the central microporous film against foot traffic. The three layers are welded together by heat-sealing, thus obtaining a 230 g/m² vapor barrier with particularly interesting tearing strengths (>440 N/5cm long,>350 N/5cm crosswise), and therefore with mechanical characteristics that guarantee the product even in case of laying on particularly rough surfaces such as rough planks or concrete slabs.

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