artimestieri cooperativa sociale solo bioedilizia Hollow cutter for cork or wood fibre thermal blankets - 66.7 mm diameter
Hollow Cutter for Insulation Panels -...

Hollow Cutter for Insulation Panels - Diameter 66.7 mm


Cutter for drilling holes in insulation panels

Hole diameter 66.7mm

Depth 20mm with stop flange


Flute Cutter for Holes in Insulation Panels - Diameter 66.7 mm

This cutter is used to cut a hole in the insulation board to accommodate the dowel that is used to fix the board to the wall.

By using this tool, it is possible to embed the insulation dowel so that it does not protrude when smoothing the surface.

By drilling deeper, up to the stop flange, an insulating disc can be inserted to even out the surface of the panel before levelling. 

This insulating disc ensures that the colouring of the plaster is homogeneous even in correspondence of the dowel, avoiding that different permeability between the cork panel and plastic dowel cause different drying times, and therefore different shades of colour.


After gluing the panel to the wall and waiting for the adhesive to set (at least 24 hours), fix the panel using special reinforced polyamide dowels. 

Once the fixing point has been decided, the panel is milled until the stop flange of the cutter reaches the panel.

At this point, the panel and wall are drilled with a 10 mm drill bit, and the dowel is hammered in.

When the dowel has completely stopped and penetrated the panel, a disc of the same material as the panel is inserted, closing the hole produced by the cutter.

The panel is fixed, but the dowel is hidden inside the panel. 

The skim coat can be applied as if the dowel were not there, on the homogeneous surface of the insulation.

If the surface does not need to be homogeneous, the cutter can be used to drill a few millimetres into the panel so that the dowel, although visible, is not raised above the panel.

The dowel at the level of the panel allows easy and fast levelling, without irregularities.

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