artimestieri cooperativa sociale solo bioedilizia INFINITO - Water-based matt finishing, wood stain.
Infinity-waxed finish for Interior and exterior. 0.75 lt

INFINITO - Water-based matt finish for interior and exterior wood. Anti-mold action.

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Size 0,75 - 2,5 - 5 - 20 liters. Colorless impregnating with waxed finish for interiors and exteriors. Protects wood from weather, mold and fungi.




Water-based matt finish for interior and exterior wood. Anti-mold action. Antistatic. It gives beauty and high protection to wood, it nourishes and resists for a long time. Ideal for windows and wooden structures of all kinds. Excellent against mold and fungi, to be used indoors and outdoors. Suggested hands on new: 2/3.


• Nourishes and protects wood from atmospheric agents and molds: • Colorless version with UV protection (U600): artificial aging test - UNI EN 927-6: 2006 (internal test) • Molds: resistance of the coating film against mold (external test: Aspergillus niger, Penicillium funiculosum and Aureobasidium pullulans). • It is not subject to cracking, cracking or scaling.


• Stir well before use. • Spread the product with a brush, sponge or spray. • In the exterior we recommend the use of Infinito PLUS U39 Solas colored, which guarantees a longer life; if the desired color is not available in the color chart, it is possible to finish the work using Infinito U39 U600 Colorless with UV protection (U600 code) adding 5% of the colored background used. • Apply the product in 2 coats. • Wait 8/12 hours between one hand and the other. • It is advisable to sand lightly between one coat and the other to obtain a smooth surface. • Do not apply at temperatures below 8 ° C. • Do not use on the inside parts of the furniture.


• Odorless liquid supplied colorless or colored. • Totally opaque when dry.


13-15 m2 / L per coat. The yield is influenced by the type of support and environmental conditions

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Ufficio Tecnico di Artimestieri
Sì, il prodotto è Infinito U30: se scarica la scheda tecnica in fondo pagina può leggere tutte le caratteristiche e anche la suddetta sigla

Volevo sapere se è u30 finitura cerata Perché dalla descrizione non è specificata grazie

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