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SHEEP WOOL IN ROLL - THERMAL INSULATION - th. 4 cm - height 120 cm - length 10 m - conf. 12 m2


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SHEEP WOOL IN ROLL alt. 60 cm - 3 cm thick.

  • Thick. 3 cm
  • Length m12
  • Roll height 60cm
  • Conf. 7.2mq

Sheepskin mat in roll for thermal and acoustic insulation of roofs, floors and perimeter walls or internal partitions.

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SHEEP WOOL IN ROLL  alt. cm 60 x 12 mtl - 7.2mq

The wool insulation panel is suitable:
- the thermal and acoustic insulation of floors and flat or sloping roofs and attics with a wooden and brick-cement structure;
- to the thermal and acoustic insulation of external masonry walls, with a  wooden frame structure, with a solid wood panel s tructure.
- to the soundproofing of internal dividing walls in masonry and with a dry structure inside cavities;


- High performance of thermal and acoustic insulation
- Resistant to attack by moths, other insects and pests
- Does not release powders and allergens, synthetic components or volatile toxic solvents (VOC) in neighboring environments
- Permeable breathable
- Stability of form and elasticity
- Easy to handle and cut
- Ideal for use in green building
- Quick and easy installation



Roll height: 60 cm
Roll length: 12m
Thickness: 3 and 5cm +/- 7%
Specific weight: 40 Kg / mc
Conductivity: 0.033W / m K (3cm thickness)
Sound absorption coefficient: 0.60 άw
Steam diffusion resistance: 2.3
Soundproofing power index: 54 dB (thickness 3cm)
Specific heat: 1987 J / kgK
Composition: Virgin wool and resin
The wool mat is an ideal ecological product for the thermo-acoustic insulation of homes: not only does it not release toxic compounds in the environment, but it can contribute to the removal of polluting gases, smog and substances that are harmful to health such as formaldehyde, nitrogen oxides and sulfur oxides (produced in indoor environments by stoves, paints, resins, plasters, synthetic insulators, etc.).



The wool mat is indicated for the thermo-acoustic insulation of ventilated and non-ventilated roofs, perimeter walls, internal walls, floors, false ceilings, for the insulation and filling of the cavities of the frame of windows and doors. The wool is subjected to treatment mothproof, without anti-combustion additives, without allergens, to be laid without a dust-proof film for a particularly simple installation.



The woolen insulation has excellent acoustic insulation capabilities, presenting itself as an effective noise barrier. The industrial engineering of the production process maintains the very rich and sinuous crimping of the strongly spiral fiber, which allows not only to reduce auditory pollution, but to act on the sound structure, correcting the acoustics.


The wool mat is a self-extinguishing material, it catches fire with difficulty, does not melt, does not drip, burns quickly and does not transmit the flame, develops little heat and little smoke. Wool fibers suffer damage at temperatures greater than 250 ° C and combustion takes place at a temperature of 660 ° C.


The wool mat is a thermo-acoustic insulating product designed for installation in the cavities of the building envelope.
Install the product dry, in a cavity protected from atmospheric agents.
Avoid direct and constant contact with wet surfaces or walls.
Avoid direct and constant exposure to UV rays
Artimestieri declines all responsibility for defects that occur if they are due to uses other than those indicated above and according to methods of use that do not comply with what is indicated below


The insulation performs at its best the insulating action inside a cavity with still air.
To avoid thermal bridges, overlap the adjacent mats slightly.
We recommend the use of waterproof and / or breathable sheets to contain condensation and to maintain the performance of the insulation over the years.
If accidentally wet the mattress must be dried before being closed in the cavity.
Do not use the drill for fixing, use specific mechanical fasteners for thermal insulation.
The fixing can be done with the use of different dowels with a large washer, also used for insulating panels of another type, making a hole with a punch of 10 on the brick wall and directly inserting the dowel.
The wool mattress has two sides: a smoother and more uniform side and a more rough and matted side. This feature is a strong point of the product as it allows easier laying especially on rough surfaces, a better adherence in the overlapping of more mats and consequently a decrease in thermal bridges.



Risposta ad Agostino: contatto con acqua

sì, è sempre opportuno proteggere l'isolamento del sottotetto (ed anche il solaio stesso) dalle perdite del tetto. Il consiglio è di posare almeno due strati incrociati di materassino di lana per avere un buon risultato


    contatto con acqua

    copertura solaio. buongiorno ,ero interessato al prodotto,ma prima volevo sapere se occorre mettere sopra la lana un telo in plastica a protezione di possibili infiltrazioni d'acqua provenienti da tetto vecchiotto e non impermeabilizzato e comunque quale sia la sua giusta posa in opera.Grazie


      Risposta a 1031walter: preventivo lana di pecora isolante

      per realizzare l'isolamento termico sul sottotetto di 30mq con uno strato di isolante in lana di pecora servono 3 rotoli che coprono 36 mq; il nostro consiglio è di effettuare uno strato doppio di 4+4cm nel qual caso servono 5 rotoli che totalizzano proprio 60 mq


        Risposta a perabruno: lana per sottotetto

        Il materassino isolante in lana è disponibile nella nuova dimensione del rotolo: alt 120cm - lunghezza 10 mtl - 12 mq



          Salve devo isolare il sottotetto del salone per un totale dicirca 30 mq, vorrei sapere quindi il costo di 4 rotoli, considerando anche il costo della spedizione, mi trovo in Umbria. Attendo sue a breve. Grazie Walter


            lana per sottotetto

            avete a disposizione ora il materassino di lana di pecora grazie


              acquisto rotoli di lana di pecora

              Desidero sapere il costo totale di 9 rotoli per coprire una superficie di mq. 65 soletta sottotetto. Specificando anche il relativo costo di spedizione (provincia di Reggio Emilia)


                Risposta a Ele: dove si compra?

                Il materassino di lana di pecora si compra dal nostro negozio online.


                  materassino di lana

                  dove si compra


                    Risposta ad Arvec: prezzo al kg

                    facendo un calcolo con il peso specifico si può calcolare un prezzo di circa € 5 al kg



                      La vostra offerta ci interessa ma gradiremmo sapere se possibile anche il prezzo al kilo. Grazie

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                        SHEEP WOOL IN ROLL - THERMAL INSULATION - th. 4 cm - height 120 cm - length 10 m - conf. 12 m2

                        SHEEP WOOL IN ROLL - THERMAL INSULATION - th. 4 cm - height 120 cm - length 10 m - conf. 12 m2

                        SHEEP WOOL IN ROLL alt. 60 cm - 3 cm thick.

                        • Thick. 3 cm
                        • Length m12
                        • Roll height 60cm
                        • Conf. 7.2mq

                        Sheepskin mat in roll for thermal and acoustic insulation of roofs, floors and perimeter walls or internal partitions.

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